Short List Of Realized Projects:


  • Relations with Georgian media on tourism issues;
  • Consultation with the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation about voucher system;
  • Discussion of issues with National Tourism Agency about stopping restrictions;
  • Participation in discussing problematic issues related to the national currency selling the export tourism products;
  • Meet the local population within the spatial planning project – Tusheti, Alvani;
  • Vision of Tourism Development Perspectives, Bakuriani and Great Mines Areas of Preliminary Research and Strategic Development – LLC Urbanika;
  • Consulting the tourism potential of Imereti for local enthusiasts;
  • Presenting presentations on Berlin ITB / 13th Pow-Wow for Responsible Tourism about: 1. Ski Resorts of Georgia; 2. Vision for Responsible Tourism;
  • Consultations for the Georgia-Italy project “Parenting the tower”;
  • Nomination award- UNWTO Private Sector Commitment to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism Award for GITOA;
  • Public Panel Discussion on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Economics – ISET, GIZ;
  • Panel / Session Leadership “Products and Their Origin” Products from Georgia and Its Region: Importance of Geographical Indications – EBRD;
  • Participation in the discussions of the Georgian Business Association (Kakheti development);
  • Discussion of tourism product “Promote cooperation in the field of natural protection” – Transboundary Joint Secretariat in the South Caucasus;
  • Advice and perspectives of sustainable tourism development in the regions for tourism development (Kvareli, Sighnaghi, Lechkhumi, Tetritskaro, Aragvi valley, Tedzami valley, Samegrelo, Imereti, etc) Geographical LLC / Government of Georgia;
  • Participation in Discussions for creating application-Guide for four Mountain Resorts: Gudauri, Bakuriani, Goderdzi, Mestia Mountain Resorts Development Company;
  • Participation in the “Challenges in the Tourism Industry” – European Business Association;
  • Discussion of regional cooperation between Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan;
  • Participation in tourism development, small business and agro-tourism products –GIZ;
  • Panel-Discussion “Global Adventure Travel Society” – Mountain Resorts Development Company;
  • Consultation on tourism development, oni municipality and villages, multi-lane, development of shovel spatial-territorial planning documents I stage, art studio;
  • Consultation meetings with GIZ representatives, advice from private sector, tourism cooperation forum 2017 – Sustainable development of mountain resorts;
  • Consortium Participation – Alliance of Social Enterprises B2B Exhibition of Social Enterprises, by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG);
  • Advice for Concept, Gomismta – Sustainable Tourism Strategic Development ;
  • Advice for the concept of wine tourism perspectives in Khvanchkari micro-zone I stage – wine tourism association;
  • Consulting for the project, supporting small and medium business development in the field of agrotourism, Mukhrani-Tourism Development International University;
  • Evaluation of participants on National Tourism Award – “Welcome to Georgia”;


  • Tourism problems and ways of rectification, participation in TV discussions;
  • Seminars: Wine Tourism Perspectives in Imereti (Baghdati); Workforce Development and Capacity-Building for Tourism & Hospitality Industry in Imereti Region – World Bank / Municipal Development Fund;
  • Establishing Adventure Tourism Leadership School;
  • Organizing Info Tours;
  • Partcipation for International Database on Culinary Traditions of Georgia – Slow Food International;
  • Business Forum “Women for the Future 2016” -EBRD / Association Women for Tomorrow;
  • Development of urban construction documents in tourism field of the Bakhmaro recreation area -vision of tourism development perspectives in Bakhmaro;
  • Eco Tourism Development Issues in Georgia (Planning Issues) – UNDP / FNC;
  • UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism, Recommendations for planning conference, meetings with participants – UNWTO / Georgian Tourism Administration;
  • International Summit for Craft & Design, Conference Information Support – Center for Arts and Culture of Georgia;
  • Training for mining guides in Armenia, co-organizing the project in partnership with Mountain Guides Association – USAID;
  • Study tourism potential of Martvili region, participation in expedition;
  • Workshop in Armenia for Tour Operators, Association Representative (Expo Tour) -Tourism Administration / State Committee for Tourism of Armenia;
  • Tbilisi International Economic Forum, report on the perspectives and problems of tourism development in Tbilisi. Speaker: Ia Tabagari;
  • Development of Bakuriani town construction documents – Tourism component – AB Architectural bureau / Municipal Development Fund;
  • Involvement in the tourism taxes project.


  • Tourism problems and ways of rectification, participation in TV discussions;
  • Review and recommendations of the current state of tourism in Khertvisi-Vardzia-Oloda project area for spatial planning;
  • Conducting academic lectures “Wine Culture and Wine Tourism” “Tourism Development Trends in Georgia”;
  • Scientific Conference: Museum and Cultural Heritage;
  • Study of tourism potential for Adjara Protected Areas;
  • Community Development Program in Tusheti
  • Vision of perspectives of tourism development / documentary justification for the urban development concept of historical part of Tbilisi;
  • General Plan for Land Use of Ureki Tourist-Recreational Complex;
  • Organizing informational tours for tour operators (introduction of new objects);
  • Development of recommendations for tourism strategy, tourism administration;
  • Report “Eco Tourism Impact on Environment” – GIZ;
  • Research of hindering factors of tourism development – Georgian Business Association;


  • Fundamentals of agro-tourism, marketing, sales; agro-tourism as a component of sustainable tourism; target markets and customer requirements; Heifer Georgia & EU project;
  • Introduction of Georgian Wine Tourism at tourist exhibition in Ukraine USAID/EP;
  • International Conference of Wine Tourism;
  • Association of Georgian Young Economists / Component of agro-tourism;
  • Introduction of Georgian Tourism potential to international media;
  • Promotion of travel guide books and authors of new publications;
  • Presentation of an article about the issues with Georgian Cultural Tourism / Georgian Arts & Culture Center;


  • TVET System Development Support Project – Draws out professional educational standards with Dacum methods, development of model educational programs for colleges;
  • Support of social partnerships in the professional educational sector of Georgia;
  • Introduction of Georgian Tourism Infrastructure to Ukrainian mass-media. USAID/ EPI;
  • Course of lectures in the Tourism field at Ilia State University: Cultural Tourism, event management, adventurous tourism;
  • Deficiencies of regional program in Kakheti / World Bank;
  • Research/discussion of problems related to functioning of hotels business/investment attraction;
  • Reintegration into society of persons returning from abroad – acquaintance with the profession of a guide and tourist infrastructure. IOM;
  • Different segments of International Qvevri Wine Second Symposium;
  • Presentation concerning Georgian Wine and Cultural Tourism Issues /  Ministry of Foreign Affairs;


  • Research of Cultural Heritage and Social Being in Imereti Region; World Bank, MDF;
  • Research of Cultural Heritage and Social Being in Kakheti Region; World Bank, MDF;
  • Formation of tourist products on Protected Areas of Georgia; Marketing Strategy issues for protected areas, UNDP;
  • Wine Tourism development projects, USAID/EPI;
  • MICE business promotion program, USAID/EPI;
  • Cultural Heritage andTourism in Kakheti, World Bank;


  • Marketing issues of Protected Areas: tourism and strategy; Touristic directions and activities; Service and cost; Sustainable development; Short-term action plan. UNDP;
  • Samtskhe-Javakheti/ Ktsia-Tabatskuri protected areas management plan: studying tourism opportunities, determine tourist facilities, data description, historical-ethnological-cultural values and heritage, tourist infrastructure and resorts (description); IUCN;
  • Field training for guides: Upper Svaneti, Tusheti, David Gareja;
  • Different segments of International Qvevri Wine First Symposium;
  • Wine Tourism Symposium in US with the support of United States Department of Commerce and International Trade Administration;
  • Project of Wine Tourism at educational standards;
  • Promotional Plan for Georgias Wine Tourism Sector / collaborating with USAID/EPI;
  • Wine Tourism Promotional Events / collaborating with USAID / EPI;


  • Research of touristic potentials and tourism development opportunities of Javakheti planned protected area. WWF/Elkana;
  • Forming issues of sustainable tourism collaborating with “Green Alternative”;

Also, since 2007 – present the association has participated in numerous projects and events for tourism development. With the support of the association, many Georgian regional touristic researches, public lectures, seminars and trainings have been conducted. Association representatives regularly participate in planning tourism projects, and frequently consult with international donor organizations.